From today you can diversify your investments and invest in our long-term portfolio thanks to eToro's social trading function.

General features

- Active management
- Fundamental and quantitative analysis
- Reduction and careful analysis of costs
- Risk containment

Market approach

Scientific selection of securities: machine learning and sentiment analysis models aimed at selecting efficient assets in terms of quality and cost. Short and medium term operations are guided by statistical - quantitative models.

Efficient diversification: assets that are diversified in terms of statistical correlation and not of quantity, avoiding an excessive number of stocks that compress the expected returns and do not really diversify the risk.

Hedging: limited to short-term periods.

Asset Allocation

Allocation Core: aimed at ensuring stability and growth in value in the medium / long term.

Liquidity Allocation: dedicated to finding the compound yield and hedging the advantage.
Management objective: To preserve the capital by seeking a low and growing return in the medium / long term.

Annual target return: 20%

You can access our investment portfolio by clicking on the following link: eToro

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