Hander Stanley is a professional solutions provider for private investors and traders. Our goal is to offer a dynamic platform where any market operator can find quantitative tools and build their competitive advantage over time. HS embraces a quantitative methodological approach in every phase of research and study, preferring data science in creating its tools.

Our team is made up of only professionals such as independent financial advisors, stock traders and programmers with long experience in the markets. In recent years we have experienced firsthand what it means to combine science and finance, benefiting from all the advantages that it entails:

A) Greater accuracy of the information found
B) Time savings
C) Elimination of human error
D) Speed ​​of backtesting
E) Higher quality information

HS offers the possibility to purchase scripts, indicators and algorithms in the programming languages ​​Python and Pinescript. From the fundamental analysis of the stock market to that of the blockchain, you can find many useful and ready-to-use tools that you can adapt to your needs.